Manor of NPCs: Obsidian Order Saboteur – Ein NPC für Star Trek Adventures

Als ersten Beitrag dieses Jahr habe ich einen direkt nutzbaren NSC für Modiphius Star Trek Adventures. Ich habe mich darin versucht dir ganze Beschreibung in Englisch zu verfassen, um es einer größeren Community zugänglich zu machen. Wahrscheinlich sind einige Fehler drin, da ich lange nichts mehr auf Englisch verfasst habe.

Ich hoffe es ist trotzdem nützlich 🙂



The agents of the Obsidian Order are even more ruthless than their counterparts in the Cardassian military, but someone who is monitoring the loyalty of a species such eager to serve their people clearly has to be like that. But they’re not just a secret police but also an sharp weapons against the enemies of the Cardassion Union.

Saboteurs are agents send to damage, destroy or manipulate their enemies‘ technology. They may hide in a Cardassian crew, docking at the space station of another power, mask as a civilian trader or try to go untedetected at all.

TRAITS: Cardassian

VALUE: Destroying their equipment can hurt as them much as a knife


Control 10

Daring 8

Fitness 8

Insight 9

Presence 9

Reason 11


Command 1

Conn 1

Engineering 3

Medicine 0

Science 2

Security 2

FOCUSES Infiltration, Sabotage


RESISTENCE 1 (0 plain clothed)


  • Unarmed Strike (Melee, 3 Knockdown, Size 1H, Non-lethal)
  • Disruptor Pistol (Ranged, 5 Vicious 1, Size 1 H)
  • Escalation Disrutor Rifle (Ranged, 6 Vicious 1, Size 1 H, Accurate)


Make accidents happen: Whenever a Saboteur manipulate some kind of technology undetected by his enemy, that act of sabotage gains one bonus d20.

An agent’s will: Increase the Difficulty of all Social Conflict to persuade an Obsidian Order Operative by 2. This Difficulty increase is removed as soon as some high Cardassian authority orders so.

Systematic destruction: Whenever creating a Complication based on technology with the Engineering Discipline, spend 1 Threat to increase the Complication Range of all Tasks determined to eliminate that Complication.